Hows about we go for another Vote of No Confidence so we have a TLS Executive that reflects our policies


From the Law Society Gazette I can’t find the original

david crawford21 January 2014 09:08 am
You are quite correct Anon 10.51, together with RogueSolicitor from the previous item, this Law Society should have resigned after a vote of no confidence and sought re-election, but I fear and suspect they are just following the (bad) example of Westminster, so should that be Yesminister. Also they cannot purport to be representing a whole range of ‘players’ in this stadium of darkness from sole practitioners through to ABS led by donkeys such as the Rev (sic.) Flowers plus its involvement with Chancery Insurers.

I am not sure about the above but The Law Society representing Niche Specialist Firms is dear to my heart. he imposition of ABS just smacks of the Government forcing it on through the back door.  ABS looks like a structural weakness in the Law Society just as the City Lawyers are who have their own Representative Organisation.  Niche Firms and a diverse range of Practitioners neeed to be represented and these orgs represent fifth columns that weaken  the Law Society’s Structure.



But as another blogger also said we are not actually achieving anything banging on in this way. We must actually DO something. How about another no confidence vote with a formal requirement that the council within three months of losing the same resign and, if they want, seek re-election. We, i e people who think as we do can either try to persuade our existing reps to adopt policies of which we approve, or we put up candidates to stand against them.

Does something along those lines appeal? If so who is going to propose and second the motion?

If we carry on as we are we shall soon resemble the Liberal party A whole lot of noise, but no action.

You know the drill

Read Sign RT and #fighttosavelegalaid












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