John Cooper (@John_Cooper_QC) The Govt dont mind if #failinggrayling takes away your right to legal advice.They pay for their advice from you the taxpayer #WakeupBritain

John Cooper (@John_Cooper_QC)



The Govt don’t mind if #failinggrayling takes away your right to legal advice.They pay for their advice from you the taxpaye#WakeupBritain

 Teresa May hires 3 QC’s for a hopeless Case

Abu Qatada case has cost £1.7m. Simple question for Teresa May; how much did your 3 QCs cost public purse? from a redacted member of the Save UK Justice Campaign.

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Felix Boon‏@FelixBoon

@paulkirkwood68 3 QC’s to argue for Abu Qatada’s deportation on clearly flawed case. Passport stripping worse still

 The Governments gives itself the very best  QCs to represent them.

Johnathan Sumption QC frequently represents the Government. A few examples in the link below.

 See How the Government is removing your access to Legal Aid

The Government has removed Legal Aid from the following:


Except in rare  Cases and Passported Benefits. Everyone will know how difficult it is to enter the Support Group. WRAG becomes the desired group to enter because the Government keeps moving the goalposts.



Slum Landlords will not be able to b taken to Court by Tenants who are effectively paying their mortgages and unable to be in a position to pay their own for their own Property.


The Big Society Initiative is actually one way the Government wants you to work for free without employment rights apart from the Law.

The Government now wants to charge you £1,400 for the privilege of having an Employment Tribunal for being unfairly dismissed.


Marriage Divorce etc things that affect relationships the world over.


Wonga takes over the Banks who have abandoned the vulnerable. These people should be able to take  these feckless Companies to Court.

The Artist Taxi Driver and John  Cooper QC


Conditions set so as to reduce access to JR whereby the  Public can get legal scrutiny of  State Decisions. JR helps

The Government is lying about JR. Corporations however can bring as many JR’s as they like.







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