This is from an oft re-blogged Barrister who is on the @TheCriminalBar Blogroll.
I hesitate to reblog him perhaps the link will suffice even though like the Articles featured in The Criminal Bar Associations blog  and other blogs they are all eminently Re-bloggable. ( I then have tricky job of curating this blog in order to say something new or give an new angle on our troubles).
So New angle time!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is what I do to cheer myself up. Fuck the Benefits Bashers who say you should not have mobiles and ipads. Sod the Media thought Police who demonise us. This is what Sister Kate Aunty Kate (depending on how you want me to be or even lover girl kate) does in all her gory but glorious detail.
My Amazon WishList

For observant readers you will notice this WishList does not consist of just Law books of which there are many but a whole lot of other things needful for life and living.

This is my secret. There are others. But this is ONE. My Law  Books Wishlist grows as my attention is grabbed! My lifestyle purchases are one of pursuing acute quality  because only QUALITY turns out to be cheaper in the end.

So what of the less material means of Survival?

Girls want to have fun

My Philosophy which I offer a Love Gift to my Learned Friends and all of us struggling and learning to support them

  1. I am NOT an receptable for Ads and Exploitation. I am worth MORE than that. So you will NOT force ads on me or exploitation. I am quite happy to work hard  Save UK  Justice is my opportunity for that.  I just have to learn what to do, what not to do.  Please God making it.  My Wishlists are ample evidence that I go for what I want in life and sod it if you don’t like it. ( I much rather make love than war and make friends and influence people).
  2.  The Bad News gotten from various sinfully downloaded Academic Papers and Books from many extensive deep Google Searches. THEME I WANT TO DISCOVER THE TRUE STORY YOU ARE NOT TELLING ME. BREAKING RULES IS HOW I FIND OUT/FOUND OUT WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON. Anyway people my age and above are least likley to end up in employment. (ESRC Paper). Workfare is useless.
  3.  There is prejudice from young people who think people like me shouldn’t have healthy vigorous sex lives. WELL WATCH THIS SPACE if you are bad enough to cherish such views!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Love life ditto. My soulmate is out there somewhere. Whereever you are. Look for me and you will find
  5.  Nature gives her gifts easier and nicer than the electronic ecosystem so nature deserves attention. She always is colourful unpredictable yet stable unchanging unlike self serving Governments, Prejudiced people etc.
  6. I have a caring family. Those wishing to help me need to make sure they are advanced supporters then I can put you in touch.  To be honest I would be intrigued!!!
  7.  The Corporates want social media sharing. I refuse to do that except for Save UK Justice. I am not your Social networking slave. What do I get out of it but exploitation, a cost of living crisis, an inability to buy my own house because of the renting crisis.  They don’t deserve it.
  8.  My age or lack of it does NOT affect who I hang out with. I have my Tribe of Kate people. If you are one of mine It matters not what or who you are only that you get there.
  9.  Reading is the open sesame to knowledge . As someone said when you read you download new Software into your brain. Nuff said.

I hope dear Reader that you have some idea of my strategies to defeat forces that have the capacity to lay me flat.  Self hatred overwhelms me. Real friends and supporters will not want me self hating and visa versa. I hope you may find some inspiraton.

with love

Someone who has to fight back to refuse the dull life that the World wishes to force on me.

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