Legal Hell : the COVERT FORCED Pauperization of the Criminal Bar over many years

The Criminal Bar  over a twenty year period has been gradually genocided by a covert operation of gross successive salami slicing of Fee Rates  by the MOJ demeaning the office of ‘The Bar’.

The Public have no awareness  of this unlike with other Public Sector Workers Nurses, Doctors,  Policemen etc whose Pay Battles are out in the open.

The consequence of this is that ADVOCACY the process whereby defendants are either defended or prosecuted under an Adversarial system is the hidden not known about victim forced to suffer. Whilst those who wish to practice it are denied the resources and rewards they deserve because they practice it. For example VHCC Cases that QCs cannot afford to do, Proper Length Trials because of FIXED Fees so Barristers are forced to work for FREE in order to bring Trials to a satisfactory conclusion (even then they are hedged about with all kinds of unjust constraints that threaten the Trial Process and ultimately of course the Public suffers).

Advocacy is a process where with the correct number of opposing Lawyers per Case in a meritable argueable Case. Cases could  require.QC’s Juniors or just Juniors where the evidence once finally gathered (which can and does end up as thousands of pieces of Evidence)i is tested by arguments or args on either side with the presiding Judge deciding the Case on the Evidence (provided admissible).


I believe that The Government wishing to embed Right Wing Neoliberalism wishes to destroy  Advocacy because it’s exercise threatens the very foundations of it’s experimental Theory; and it does not wish to have its grounds legally challenged.

Other Professions by comparison have had Pay Rises albeit in the face of an increasingly reluctant Government keen to demonise   Wages, Workers and Pay in favour of Profit and Loss Accounts of Corporate Entities




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