I think I need to say this: ‘If I was a Lawyer I would…..’

OK folks,

You saw it coming. It is inevitable. Sooner or later you would ALL be subjected to my mad Lawyerly Fantasies. The ‘If I make it against all odds and end up in the the most gorgeous Chambers I could concoct’ as a 92 Star Junior (of course!!!!) in the Rumpole mould!!! whom my stepmum an ESRC Research Granted Professor told me.Not an anachronism of course, not someone who should NOT be there but someone who SHOULD be there because I get it despite of stiff competition from very formidable youngsters.


This fantasizing has no ‘authority’ so it’s baseless but for the time being it is something that ought to be said provided it is clear that because there is no AUTHORITY for legal fantasies be it The Criminal Bar,  JP etc? it needs to be said. Get it out in a Post. NO AUTHORITY. Maybe that is the key word maybe that is the word to get out.

Maybe this Post is a waste to get that word out. Anyway

Back to Fantasy Land

I get this Joe Public Mock Trialing off the ground. I do it only because I win? support from the many denizens at the Bar with the all important Sols contingent.#TheBarandSolsTogether. Because of my and others being given access to Cases etc (perhaps that love might be spread further afield?) adults discover their Inner Barrister. Not just any old Barrister but one who would defend Grayling or worst still prosecute a dearly loved friend. Because folks who are adults would do legal graft necessary to get an informal Legal Ed via Twitter and beyond? to do this. Stage Fright and finding one’s inner Lawyerly voice key to this. No use having legally prepared  School Kids Mark II who can’t access their Inner Denizen at the critical moment ie requesting an adjournment, and making a Case for   Cases n y z a to be considered versus a d z e.

This is really impossible. (With God NOTHING is impossible really!!??).



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