FUN POST: in praise of Edgar Venal who is one Solicitor who is rolling in it, a hoot and one of my dearly beloved Followers

I love Edgar Venal
I love Edgar Venal

Where are those Badges  Mr Sexy???!!!!
Edgar Venal is the sexiest Lawyer in the world
Edgar Venal is pure HUNK.
Edgar Venal makes me think the naughtiest thoughts (surprise surprise!!!)
I want to have at least seven I love Edgar Venal Badges on my Save UK Justice T shirt
Edgar Venal had better have  me on his VIP List or he is in big trouble with his greatest fan outside John Cooper QC and Michael Mansfield QC!!!

If he’s a good boy he will have me and all my Criminal lawyer friends plus Non Lawyers over to his grand Estate in the Country for a big knees up. Everyone in an en-suite Room, Everyone their own personal  Servants to wait on them hand and foot.

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