My Save UK Justice Christmas Card and Playlist for 2013

Dearly beloved  Recipients, (religious tone not intended) PART ONE

This is Bond Girl speaking.

Hidden in this  online Playlist are a List of Elect Recipients whose Names will be DM’ed to reliable Santa’s Little Helpers  who will graciously, kindly relay the  Messages to those Intended.

I will have NO IDEA about whether the Messages will be conveyed so I am relying on the integrity of the kind people entrusted with the task. But if I have done my job well then the Intended Elite Sqaud will receive the Greetings.

The List is extremely meaningful to me and therefore GREAT TRUST will be invested in the individual/s who recieve them. It is the most sensitive thing I will ever send.

I have NO intention of offending people or putting people’s backs up etc only conveying a message. Ideally the List would be emailed so one document. Santa’s Little Helpers will be given my email.

OK the game plan is to ask the  Santa Claus Little Helpers  to step up to the Plate.

This is Part I.

The  Draft is a long long List of select Individuals who  mean something special to me.

You DON’T have to follow me. You can have hang ups about me Rest assured I am there for you.  I am holding your hand and telling you it is OK. Hang on and hang onto me.!!!!!

Following is’t always needful but it helps from a point of being able to send DM’s.

I appreciate more than I can tell  those who hang on and hang on and hang on  or invite faith in me.

Anyway I am going on a bit.

TEST TEST First Draft of Names for  eagerly anticipated Part II.


Katie Lovebucket xxxx

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