Announcement: Bond Girl seeks James Bond’s friends for an Important Mission Critical Task


Bond Girl seeks the mates of James Bond for an important Mission Critical Job ahead of the forthcoming Festivities. Santa Claus outfit is optional but would spice things up somewhat. Add other meaningful communicative accouterments as required to get Message Across.
Bond Girls Policy isn’t going  is not obscure just in rare? instances fully indulge she hopes in it to its fullest and wildest extent. She has no wish to offend only succeed in this and maybe one or two random Tasks.
James Bonds friends are curious  enough to do the Allotted Task enough to overcome any reservations as it’ is a simple task that might need the use of email/s. But a willingness, up for it and able are all that is required
Thank you in advance for James Bonds friends I look forward to conveying Part II the Names on a List for your enormously appreciated Task.
Bond Girl aka Santa’s Little Assistant

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