Mark George QC and Robert Ashworth convo another approach to using a Post as an form of conversation?


Mark George QC and Robert Ashworth

I have heard it said that Lawyers are Lefties an idea I like very much.

On the other hand I might be very wrong and this is [yet again] another generalisation that is fired at Lawyers because people do not bother to find out the true picture.


@govsocgradessex @Mark_George_QC I never used to be but you know I could just about change. I am so pissed off

@ROBERT2372 @Mark_George_QC Tories losing votes amongst Lawyers as well. how politically naive.

@ROBERT2372 @Mark_George_QC Thanks you two 4 replying I want to get this new system going.

The Legal Profession is not being taken seriously by Politicians as  Electorate. Politicians are missing a trick here.

I believe there are 166k  Soliticitors. How many Barristers Criminal Civil. Any statistics? Total No of Lawyers? Either way you don’t want to neglect them.


The Tories also have an opportunity to win votes by engaging with the CBA @TheCriminalBar to know how to have all the cost savings they want whilst also SAVING THE LEGAL AID BUDGET.

Esp to Mark George QC a strong statement.    #Occupy  made up of ordinary non activist people. Cost of living crisis should wake people up to the exploitative nature of Neoliberalism.  More thoughts on? x




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