How to be a Kick Arse Non Lawyer a few Lessons for intrepid Adventurers wanting to embark on a good Journey to help SAVE UK JUSTICE!!!!!

Dear Budding #NonLawyer,

Thanks to @ilegal  for taking the piss out of my oft used term ‘kick arse’.

I have a PDF somewhere which I am trying to locate. Unsuccessfully atm.

Answer YES OR NO ( doing it Counsel styleeee!!!!!) to the  following Questions

  1.   Do you read or seek to understand Law Books YES/NO (First Year Undergraduate  Texts)
  2. Do you read Law Books written by Lawyers who seek to enlighten Joe Public as to what the Law REALLY is not what you think it ought to be?  Advanced Subjects include VHCC Cases, Legal  Aid mainly Funded QC’s, QC’s on the radical cutting edge of Law as Justice. YES/NO
  3. Do you read, study ,scan, delve into, travel up the many hidden Highways and Biways of Legal/Save UK Justice Twitter YES/NO.
  4.  Do you have Legal Followers YES/NO
  5.  Legal Followers Variety Specialism, Organisations,  Campaigns. Barristers or Solicitors.  How much and how varied. YES/NO provide a vivid word picture describing legal followers.More Barristers than Solicitors or do Sols outweigh the Bar BOTH are important!
  6. Do you attempt as a #NonLawyer to write a lay Legal  Blog ie actually try to learn how to communicate complex concepts, and legal matters to Joe Public. YES/NO if not why not??
  7.  Are you mad enough, off your head enough to believe in wanting to break new ground for #NonLawyers and suggest daft ideas such as #JoePublicwithtrainingwouldlovetolearnmocktrial/ing like the less legally educated School kids, done properly of course with costs set as low as possible. YES/NO
  8.  Are you daft enough to have mad ideas per se which might unsettle or rattle people but the mens rea and actus reus are both good ones.  For the sake of breaking new ground. Nothing to be afraid of HERE !!!!!!YES/NO
  10.   Do you see Lawyers as inherently lovable, worthy of all kinds of love and then some or as venal characters to be avoided at all costs. YES/NO. Please provide a little colour to your answer.
  11.  Do you collect the following: 1) Cases 2) if very lucky Transcripts 3) if extremely lucky you are followed by a  Key Case Provider to have access to Cases 4) daft Practitioner books to read (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) because you get a more accurate Trial/ing Picture as well as one of general Lawyering? YES/NO The more description told to me in complete confidence the better.
  13. Are you a Saint in disguise as a Sinner with a nice bit of Devil inside!!! YES/NO (Colourful description HERE)
  14.  Are you KNOWN? YES/NO
  15.  What is your awareness of fellow #NonLawyers 1) I would LOVE to be like you 2) I would LOVE to be like you but as I am HERE.3) What are Non Lawyers???!!!!!

I have always had the problem of  all sorts of folks including my family,putting me through complete and utter hell in various ways simply cos I was being me.  In the end I got friendly neighbours, former enemies turn to friends, former absent friends stick up for me and a family who would do anything to defend  me.

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