John Cooper QC says USE THE LAW, DO NOT FEAR IT Updated


I am attempting to follow up John Cooper QC’s  absolutely epoch making Speech to Occupy London with a bit of  reading by way of follow up. I am convinced that I can be one of those ordinary mortals that can USE THE LAW AND NOT FEAR IT and most arrogantly  see other intrepid members of the Public follow suit..

So I just bought: ‘Blackstone’s Guide to the Data Protection Act 1998’ by Peter Carey via @AmazonUK

Book 1

Here is another Volume I have  my eyes on it’s by Peter Carey who looks quite an authority on this area. Not bad for a complete rookie. I gott his via a redacted tweet on Twitter and I can totally rely on their authority.It was their tweet that convinced me I was onto a good thing despite difficulties in finding materials that a Legal Rookie could intelligently use.

I plan to buy as it looks as if I have smashed it on Authoritative  Writers unless someone tells me otherwise???

Below is the Legislation which must needs be read au nature without the intervening voices of   Legal Writers? so as to make my own impressions. It would be good to put a Non Lawyerly perspective on what I read.

But this book on the Freedom of Information Act is also relevant plus FOI Requests and News Monitoring on FOI.

Anyone help? or shall I have the fear of helping myself? ( You would be astonished at the quality of my  Academic   TBR List).


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