Mark George Q.C.’s speech in support of the consolidated resolution at the CBA rally at Lincoln’s Inn, Saturday 16th November 2013


It’s The ONLY way that such an indescribable Rally . Words fail me.
Put yourself in my shoes: you are not a Lawyer. Yet by a mysterious but apparently readable situation on Twitter where Instructions were given via the famous #CBAMondayMessage I ended up with my bum on one of the Seats in the magnficent Great Hall at Lincolns Inn.
JOE PUBLIC CANNOT WALK IN WILLY NILLY. BUT MY NAME WAS ON THE LIST!! I HAD NO IDEA WHO ELSE WAS ON THE LIST but I saw some famous names ( In Save UK Justice terms). Max Hill QC, Nigel Lithman QC, Michael Bloody Turner QC, Mark George QC. I only knew as a Campaigner that GETTING THE BAR OUT was the main priority and that space to Non Bar Others would be the EXCEPTION rather than the RULE unlike the Rally for Legal Aid where Save UK Justice folks came out to play.
Mark George QC’s rousing Speech below was the Highlight of the day which proceeded quite rapidly as there was an overwhelming unanimity amongst us delegates!!!!! ( I am not a Lawyer, not at the Bar if I was one, making this almost a form of informal Membership!!!!) seized us all.
We were one BIG united BODY different partsfunctioning with Representation from Each Circuit making their Speech.
It was the legs, the arms, the heart the brain all syncing together in perfect Unity including me who influenced my comrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark George QC’s Speech took us away, lifted us up, made us soar, cemented our resolution to strike ( Us Non Lawyers to offer novel support). They strike. like blanks of old, we stand by them!!!!
He captured the mood perfectly.
All Marks hard graft on Twitter to mobilize us was more than evidenced in his History Making Speech.


We are delighted to be able to publish Mark George QC’s speech to the Lincoln’s Inn rally on Saturday, and are very grateful to him for providing us with the full version from his notes.

A well deserved standing ovation followed….

There will be some amongst the younger of you who will wonder how it ever came to this? That we are here on the one day of the week when we normally expect of bit of free time suggests that it must be something very important.
We are here now because we should have done this a long time ago. In the past when we got close to taking action we were sold out by our leaders who then took the Queen’s shilling and some of them are now on the High Court bench. They should be ashamed of themselves.
We tried talking to the Secretary of State but…

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