Eighth Letter to the Lord Chancellor

If I hadn’t hung around Lawyers on the Save UK Justice Stream I and Other Non Lawyer would not know about the proposed Exclusions for Victims wrongfully imprisoned.
Your Comments on Zimbabwean Judges requiring a Suitability test would obviously delight #FailingGrayling who must be delighting in his Honorary Bencher Position at Grays Inn.
Dear Intriguent,
You mustn’t give our cherished LC any more ideas! It is bad enough that he is introducing Policies on the sly that threaten people’s access to Justice ie Employment Tribunals plus other Measures unwares.
Perhaps Joe Public SHOULD make more of an effort to hang about in such circles ( Us Enlightened One’s know)


Eighth letter to the Lord Chancellor,

Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice,
Mr Chris Grayling,

10th November 2013,

Dear Lord Chancellor,

Well, I’m back. I have just returned to the UK after, as you know, a few weeks travelling on your fact finding mission to Zimbabwe, Somalia and North Korea. I will provide you with my full report into the benefits of their criminal justice systems in due course. But in summary I can inform you that no legal aid need be provided at all for a criminal justice system to function very satisfactorily indeed.

However I am concerned to find on my return home that your splendid legal aid reforms are still being opposed by intelligent and well-informed people who are not remunerated by legal aid, and so are entirely impartial. On a more positive note I see that able and experienced criminal barristers are leaving the profession…

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