The Aagggggggggggghvocacy Factor or why I need to hear everyone’s deepest fears etc about this idea of Citizen Mock Trial

The County Court at Newport, Isle of Wight. Th...

The County Court at Newport, Isle of Wight. The Crown and Magistrates’ Courts are to the right. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Members of the Benet Academy Law Club...

English: Members of the Benet Academy Law Club hold their award certificates after participating in a mock trial at the DuPage County Courthouse in Wheaton, Illinois. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Save UK Justice,


Ever since I crazily mooted this idea on Save UK Justice, particularly in the light of having read 3 books on Advocacy with more to come;( I am the only adult as far as I know that has 5 +books on the Subject!!!!!) I have been aware of the bad feeling amongst the Save UK Justice Community with regard to this idea.

GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! Lets get the shite out! Lets get to the bottom of this!!! because I have decided that pain, fear, anxieties, nightmares, etc are the open sesame to not only have folks voice their feelings but maybe the way into finding the sunshine and solutions’ If you like Pain is the way to Gain, angst is way to ideas; the downside the way to a viable properly formed actual DOING of this completely mad idea!!!!!

From my point of view just persevearing with it even if it feels totally foolish and unfeasible is the open sesame from seeing this idea from my head to with any luck our collective intelligence,  creativity etc.

It is already being done by School kids 

After all we have  The Citizenship Foundation run Mock Trials with the help of Professional lawyers, Magistrates Courts etc whole swathe of the Legal Profession with the support of the Bar Council without any headaches. It is an established Habit for Schools to send bunches of Pupils to these Events without fear of breaking some very important Rules. We take this for granted, this HAPPENS!!! The Bar National Mock Trials Competition The Magistrates Court Mock Trial Competition Details of both types of Mock Trial Competiton.

 But come Joe Public donning his  Wig and Gown and …….

But come Joe Public donning his wig and gown with the right amount of ed and then it’s full scale Panic stations!   It’s not surprising either!

How many Non Lawyers on Save UK Justice if any could possibly be educated to a level to manage this.How many would be Martha Costelloes would be lurking???!!!!!REAL ISSUES!!!

I’m of the opinion that an Adult version of the School Competition is a doable Preposition WITH THE RIGHT LEGAL ED COMPONENT FACTORED IN.

If we can sort the Legal Ed and jollifications  eligible ie be an active Campaigner for Save UK Justice then the mad ideas in my head could actually materialise  in viable fashion IN REALITY.




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