Guest Post: Times are bleak but there is a fight to be had

Lawyers hold Funeral for Legal Aid at the First Demo of Save UK Justice outside  nr the Houses of Parliament

Lawyers hold Funeral for Legal Aid at the First Demo of Save UK Justice outside nr the Houses of Parliament

I find it shocking that she talks about Professionals who are in grave danger of losing the Profession they love due to apathy, indifference etc. It just speaks to me of how important communicating to Lawyers is and not just the Public in the Campaign.
I like Gemma’s fighting style the only type of ways needed in the Campaign. We have formidable and reckless Enemies against us in the MOJ and Flailing Grayling who have no concept whatsoever of what their actual responsibilities are in terms of preventing financial wastage in the CJS. We are also faced with an Enemy hell bent on dismantling legally aided access to Justice for the ordinary citizen. FIGHTING is the only modus operandi fitting for the crisis facing us. And whether by the Few, a tightly disciplined Gideons Army or the Many learn the strategies to WIN.

 Added after reading the Post again  on Gemma’s Blog

I think the situation of HCA’S  and the Junior Bar is an important one in terms of getting Sols on side. I have heard of Sols ( I am largely ignorant of the Sols side of Law  at Duty Solicitor end) who became Judges, who had their own special Wig and Gowns and who were great as Lawyers.  This is difficult, difficult, difficult, because HCA’S take work from the Junior Bar and so the Bar suffers because Junior Tenants need work in order to practice and get skills at doing Cases etc in order to build a Reputation etc.  Every Junior would naturally aspire to be a Star Junior in the Legal Firmanent. Eqaully  HCA’S naturally would seek to be the Best Advocates they can taking no more Case than they are able. One to solve IMHO so we can all reach the Profession, Lawyers and Non Lawyers!!!!

Excellent post. Hits nail on the head. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with those who choose to fight – not for ourselves but for our profession and for Criminal Justice. Those who go quietly into the night, those who seek to profit from the destruction know who they are. We will seek to persuade, we will seek to bring them round, we can do no more with them or for them. Let their consciences be their guides. But, the more voices that join our throng, like Will Nelson, the louder will be our collective voice, the harder will it be to ignore, either to hide their heads in the sand or to sneak about amidst the chaos looting from others.

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

This Guest Post is by Will Nelson, Solicitor Advocate.

I haven’t composed a blog entry regarding the “consultation” since back in April but sadly on the day that our response is due, I feel the need to express dissatisfaction at a part of my side of the profession.

Since I secured rights of audience in the Crown Court, I have often looked at certain sections of the Bar and formed the opinion that they are deliberately obtuse and reactionary towards HCAs whether we are good, bad or the same as they. I found this to be dispiriting, especially as I impose upon myself the rule that I would never undertake to conduct any hearing that I felt was beyond my skill and knowledge, and because I always make sure that I am very well prepared as to both the facts and law pertaining to my matter. However, I always understood…

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