Des Learns to Love Big Chris

. Hudson in with Grayling results in Legal Prof being shot in the head

Pupillage and How to Get It

i-trust-my-leaders-i-love-big-brother-t-shirt.american-apparel-juniors-organic-tee.natural.w760h760I hope that more sensible counsel prevails over on the other side of the profession than is revealed here. I am bound to say that the feedback and feeling I get from local solicitors is that they are rather clearer about the extent to which our interests are linked than is Mr Hudson.

The reality is that – whether Mr Hudson is piqued by not being invited to a meeting with our beloved Lord Chancellor before the Circuit Leaders (I gather the Law Society are having their own meeting on 8th May but, at the time of writing are not taking any solicitor who practises in criminal work to that meeting) – or whether he believes that the way to deal with the cuts is to try and sacrifice the Bar – this is not a sensible way to approach matters.

It is not sensible because, even if our…

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