Do Right, Fear No-One or why I say no to QASA

An example of how Counsel in the name of fearless independent advocacy is prepared to hazard Custody in order to defend his Client.
Production Line One Size fits all Advocacy ala Stobart et al is the ultimate betrayal of the Client. Unlike this fearless example HERE.
As my favourites The Criminal Bar Association say DO RIGHT FEAR NO ONE.


This is a true story and is just one, of many reasons why I oppose QASA and PCT.

The more fundamental and principled arguments have been argued elsewhere, they include lack of client choice, the closure of hundreds of solicitor firms, the disintegration of the independent bar and the derailment of our criminal justice system. This story, however, doesn’t touch upon those ideals but rather, as what I fear may become in the brave new world of a post PCT environment.

The story starts some years ago and on the day of the England v Slovenia game world cup match. It was a sunny day in June, but far from sitting in the pub drinking beer and awaiting the match, I was driving up to St Albans Crown Court, on a late return to cover a 2-3 day making off without payment / dangerous driving trial. The facts were fairly…

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