Time for the Direct Option?

I’m with The Criminal Bar Association on this one.
Our options need to be carefully considred.
Hopefully role/s for us Non Lawyers in this to provide Support, love hugs etc.

Last Orders at the Bar

The Criminal Bar is staring into the abyss; our solicitors are too. The system which we all put our heart and soul into every day is about to be smashed by a cretin who cannot conceive of the damage he is about to do; or worse doesn’t care because it will bring him personal advantage. .

I think we have to be honest; this is in part about money. This job has to pay well enough to make the sacrifices we all make worthwhile. The time we work all night and all weekend so that our kids and partners are like strangers, the traveling and the constant attempts to pay your bills whilst the LSC refuses to pay ours.

And yet there is so much more at stake here. The system is already run on a shoestring; the cuts simply cannot be borne. All of us have struggled to get…

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