Hate Crime Consultation Law Commission: Justice v Prejudice

Dear Law Commission

Thank you for your helpful and considered Hate Crime Consultation.
These are what I feel the issues are:
Justice v Prejudice The Fight for Justice, by Justice based Law Firms and Chambers for Justice, Human Rights etc v Prejudice all the Institutions and Institutional against them.

Criminal Offences against the disabled

Disability should fall in Protected Category.
Mocking, taunting, bullying, Internet, Social Networks etc in real life and online.
The scope needs to be fully comprehensive and all encompassing,Universal in scope but laser-like in precision in defining Offences and nature of Offences.

I agree that Offences against Disabled People should be Aggravated Offences.
Disabled people need the maximum level of protection, it would help to by making it also a Stirring Offence.
Sentences should be set at the maximum to discourage Offending because of the endemic,systematic and persistent Prejudice where disabled are seen as fair game without no questions as to their rights/needs. Particularly in this area of Benefits Bashing, Claimant suicides and death rates, poverty
Policing needs to be tackled so people find it easier to get help and their attackers put away.
The Mentally ill need to be taken out of Prisons/Police Cells and put into excellent supported housing where they can be themselves without the institutionally demeaning baggage of an Institution.
Diversity Education (horribly titled!) needs to be pervasive that disabled people are normal to support the proposed changes to the Law.
But however there needs to be some sort of protection for would be Defendants where disabled people are arseholes and need legal actions taken against them as well to be fair.

General Notes

Prejudice in Society both working and non working means it is very difficult for disabled people to make headway to get jobs/careers, keep them even the most expert Specialist Professionals are at risk. Support should not be viewed as an hindrance to those genuinely talented individuals from exhibiting their Talents across the Professional spectrum, even though it is culturally offensive.
It is inclement that disabled be higher represented across ALL Professions including those who are obviously disabled
The Work Benefits spectrum needs to take account of both abilities and talent along with the obvious disabilities.

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