A view from… the Magistrates’ Court bench: The appointment and role of a JP

There seems to be a bit of an argument for  SUFFICIENT  Legal Training here.

I know sweet F A about the Magistracy other than know that this top bloke


ended up as a JP with the support of his Lawyer friends!! and he did it because he displayed the attributes needed for such a position! It also helps that he is a  Journalist who has  judicial endorsement speaks volumes for his book and how important it is as


This is a  book you can read to help you understand why Trial by Jury (with all it’s faults and controversies) be read by the public so they can get it too and thus intelligently *defend* this  critical part of the Justice System whatever type of Court it is used for




John Cooper QC believes that us Members of the Public are intelligent enough to be able to be empannelled in aComplex Fraud Trials as he lists above in his blog post for Joe Public to visit.  He says SERIOUS CRIMINAL CASES and COMPLEX FRAUD TRIALS  with their thousands of pieces of Evidence, the complex arguments are not beyond the mental powers of the Public sufficiently aided by the Counsel.

He rightly cites the Magna Carta as a key piece of Legislation which should rightly guide the process of Due Process. (  I must write Post on this  Legislation).

What I love about him [John Cooper QC that is] is his

willingness to entrust the Public with the ability to master complex Legislation, be able to conduct Legal Cases as above. Watch this.


“I cannot bring myself to believe that there are any persons other than the inmates of a lunatic asylum who would vote in favour of the abolition of trial by jury in serious criminal cases”.
Well said that man. from John Cooper QC  ‘Shadow of the Noose’ his blog for the Legal layperson.
Trevor Grove similarly believes and that is what Save UK Justice with it’s various arms #savingtheindependentbarforthepublicgood #fightforlegalaid is all about.

UK Criminal Law Blog

My view from the Bench

By Beaky JP

 First a little introduction. I am a Magistrate with nearly 20 years’ experience on the Bench. I am an Approved Chairman and an appraiser of other Magistrates. In my day job, and somewhat unusually for a Justice of the Peace, I also happen to be a qualified and practising Solicitor in the City of London. This little musing is intended to cast a little spotlight on what it’s like to be a JP in the 21st Century. I hope to dispel some myths and correct a few misconceptions. Any cases that may be referred to will be completely anonymous and certain facts changed if they are so unique as to allow any sort of identification. While I may comment at times on the Criminal Justice System, I will say nothing that might bring the Magistracy into disrepute. It is an…

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