I don’t know how to phrase it so you need to ask the Lord to show you how to pray, which would always be right right right right right. Right things done in right way right people, right situations etc.  Your prayers would be right, your heart would be right as you look on all this  Twitter feed currently standing at 69/70 Lawyers with one MAJOR loss*** and one horrible attack. The Lord would give you eyes to see and ears to see. You would be whatever you are needed to be.  Because I know of you, because I followed you.

I know you exist hence the absolute need for right right right right being applied right across the board.  The Lord stepping in BIG TIME in suitably minutest tiniest forensic detail to the BIG BIG BIG GINORMOUS HUMDINGER  MASSIVE  HIDDEN ISSUES this Request seeks in some small way to address.

I hope you follow me? preferably if your Politics are more Michael Mansfield QC and not New Labour or Tory. However genuine kind? feeling this Post you  likewise can pray?

 About me

I am a #NonLawyer on the first ever Legal Campaign in my life fighting for a Justice System that is under mortal threat from multiple sources and directions from the MOJ to Media to general public ignorance and lack of debate about REAL problems facing Lawyers and Law Firms. I have both the ears to hear and eyes to see and heart to perceive how deep and how wide and with astonishing breadth our Legal is System is under attack right up to the Lawyers Fees issues.***  This makes me both rare and unusual. Uncommon if you wish and as a result I have attracted a lot of attention; with skyrocketing Lawyer Followings, Barristers, Solicitors, plus unusually Specialist Legal  Firms eg Bailli, Key Cases, Legal Twitter Hub, Crimeline, The Criminal Bar Association** so it goes on.


I can see how for instance your basic Kavanagh QC on TV is under attack. How the courts themselves are under siege  (Court Delays)and Fee structures threaten the Public’s right to a basic Trial being whatever Trial is needed to execute the right verdict.

As a result I have gone up in the World and for a Non Lawyer have some of the highest Legal Followings on Twitter with hyper engagement on Legal Issues relating to the Campaign. I have also felt my humanity. I scream with my inadequacies. I reel from my disabilities. I feel naked before them.

 Am I wearing a Mask?

Maybe I am hiding? who wants to visit a Bombsite? Maybe I should have friends here? Maybe I am hiding behind a mask? Maybe it’s because I am too scared to show you what’s REALLY going on inside.#floodsoftears #possessyourpossessions Fighter ‘You’re a Fighter’.

The mask is only there to protect myself whilst I try to figure it out and work things out.#floodsoftears  I am not able to know right way forward hence no resolution, everything thing comes out rightly!!!!!! safely!!!#floodoftears

What am I up against?

Maybe people are frightened,scared,threatened. Maybe I upset the apple cart in more ways than one. Whatever Justice issues are there I am threatening. People could be cowards, afraid. I am not a young person. No normal  Career Trajectory for people to cling onto, I live in a world full of undissolved prejudice*** Inequality has grown deeper and more extreme under the Neoliberal Political  Regimes. There are benefits bashers, Tories whose dream it is to dismantle the Welfare State and any thing that people benefit from like Legal Aid and a Legal System for the poor is up for grabs. Young people are worshiped until they become 50 and then they are thrown off their Careers and onto the scrapheap. No Profession is immune.

The #SaveUKJustice is unusually committed to Justice but still the environment.

Please pray for right words, Lord comes into EVERYTHING, including the words of this Request. The Lord would bless bless bless.

I was attacked. Lord help me deal with resentments, bitternesses etc.

HELP HELP HELP HELP Lord step in Big Time.




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