Dame Helena Kennedy makes some key points for us on the #SaveUKJustice Legal Campaign.
Make Common Cause with other people who are being denigrated because of Public Interest work. NHS, Teachers,  Fire Stations, Police etc.
STOP the UK Justice System from becoming an Americanised Public Defender System.

Use of Public Legal Aid Money Tony Blair Millionaire Barrister for goodness sake.#TheMeanessoftheRich
She mentions #LASPO areas removed from scope are Welfare Benefits, Employment, Medical Negligence.
How much for instance was Jonathan Summerton QC paid for representing Tony Blair at the Hutton Enquiry?  How  Governments uses of Public monies for Causes betray it’s total lack of interest  in   #ThePeoples Legal Representation. @ObsLawyer@MChawlaQC

You have been WARNED.#WakeUpBritain

Sign RT Lurk Read Read Read and Read again and JOIN the Fight to #SaveUKJustice #SaveYOURLegalSystem #SaveTheIndependentBar #SayNOtoQASA #SayNotoPCT #NomoreCuts #LegalAidWarrior


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