Mock Ecoside Trial with Michael Mansfield QC prosecuting/Examiner-in-Chief

Months ago? prior to my becoming aware of #SaveUKJustice I had seen a Poster advertising this Ecocide Trial. I think I just looked at it but ended up thinking it wasn’t for me for the usual reasons one does not attend Public Lectures when someone asks you what you DO.

I have  openly and shamelessly attended Public Lectures before and have no guilt about downloading and or attending all or any manner of Lecture I so desire. I have done so for many years and now  the Law  is no exception.
This Youtube video is a fabulous  because you see  a wonderful QC(who really cares for Nature, people etc)  strutting his stuff, the Prosecution  very ably make his case and most importantly you see the process by which the Verdict is decided. It is far from the case that one ought to point the finger and decide the Companies Guilt. No from the video it is a far more complex subtle and nuanced process. Such are the wonders of Advocacy !!!!


Since I published the #EcocideTrial on  Twitter I have unwittingly and unwillingly come into controversy. I believe this is because ordinary members of the Public outside those who are on the BPTC ( I discover)  (after having passed LNAT, attained Degree of Suitably High Classification etc) are not really supposed to like or wish to see Mooting Competitions or have any legal interests beyond Silk (Maxine Peake) etc. Thus IMHO the public are denied seeing how Verdicts come to be made in order to maybe agree with them or not as the Case maybe. I have seen the Legal  Community on Twitter tear their hair out when they see inaccuracies of reporting or drama, yet wishing to watch a Mock Trial on Youtube of all places is apparently controversial. Why?

I could post examples of tweets  from Lawyers that complain about how pieces of Legislation are not being followed or that dramas don’t reveal the REAL things going on SO THE PUBLIC CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT CRISES ARE HAPPENING AND GET THE REAL PICTURE OF LEGAL AID LAW FIRMS IN ORDER TO GENERATE DEBATE AND SUPPORT!!!!!!!!

This of course does not mean exposure to material that is not mean’t for public consumption or must needs remain both private and confidential.

I have also seen John Cooper QC  on Twitter speak of how  Camera’s in Courts could help the Public understand how Decisions are arrived at. What’s not to at least think about, at least discuss openly,kindly, openly admitting fears?

Legal Nightmare  Central: Legitimate Concerns

OK lets be reasonable and hear the other side:  the poor sodding Legal Community have visions and experience  of Know-it-All LIP (Litigants in Person) from whom there is no protection, clogging up the Courts. My posting the Link chucks them out of their comfort zone, already severely discomfited by numerous pressures on the Courts.  Mock Trials are for the BPTC not the General Public. The link is profoundly disconcerting. Self-Learning (Law Books Ordinary People can read!) upsets the apple cart. It is radical! Yet well respected Lawyers write books and blogs (something I have not given enough credence too) because they want the Public to know and get The Law’s side on the Law eg to understand  The Rule of Law, Equality of Arms, The Public Interest, How Cases are decided, or shock horror gasp how Cases can be lost (multiple Causes) the most interesting IMHO and are a world away from the world of   Sausage -Factory Justice (eg Judge Judy) without  proper Defence and Prosecution Counsel.

So am I right? do you agree? or do you think I have lost it?? if so kindly explain why in the Comments section or on Twitter.


I have just notice that the views of the #ecocidetrial on Youtube have skyrocketed from about 100+ views to a now spectacular 3.500 hits.

This is both astonishing and unprecedented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know what it means but I  hope that  this awareness of this publically available #mocktrial might help fire up the public imagination to embark on a  wholehearted perhaps audacious ? pursuit of attempting to learn the Law-as lay persons and in a  as complex and sophisticated manner as possible.

That a lay knowledge of the law and ability to win the public over as to it’s complexities-AS IS-and pleasing to public or NOT pleasing to the public.(via @tarakatesanders) might help the public better speak IN THE DEFENCE of a beleagued Legal System under multiple threats, and not just people fancy themselves as  would be Advocates a truly complex business if ever there was one.

I hope the video is viewed in a more selfless? manner to secure support for

#saveukjustice and that signatures/votes for #ecocide to be made a Crime at least progress in a suitably enlivened manner.

and See this this is the famous #SAVEUKJUSTICE  hashtag and Petition that has trend  repeatedly on Twitter!

SIGN RT READ LURK AND JOIN. #NonLawyers can be Lawyers greatest Asset used right?



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