John Cooper QC ‘There are too many Laws’ I totally agree with his analysis

John Cooper QC a QC who I enormously respect tells us rightly IMHO that there are too many Laws.
Many Years ago I read Sociology and Government at Essex University I read books like  Reiman’s ‘The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Prison’

Info below


Publication Date: 4 Oct 2012

Illustrates the issue of economic inequality within the American justice system. 


The best-selling text, The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison contends that the criminal justice system is biased against the poor from start to finish.  The authors argue that even before the process of arrest, trial, and sentencing, the system is biased against the poor in what it chooses to treat as crime.


The authors show that numerous acts of the well-off–such as their refusal to make workplaces safe, refusal to curtail deadly pollution, promotion of unnecessary surgery, and prescriptions for unnecessary drugs–cause as much harm as the acts of the poor that are treated as crimes. However, the dangerous acts of the well-off are almost never treated as crimes, and when they are, they are almost never treated as severely as the crimes of the poor.  Not only does the criminal justice system fail to protect against the harmful acts of well-off people, it also fails to remedy the causes of crime, such as poverty. This results in a large population of poor criminals in our prisons and in our media. The authors contend that the idea of crime as a work of the poor serves the interests of the rich and powerful while conveying a misleading notion that the real threat to Americans comes from the bottom of society rather than the top.

There  so much activity at Government Level to regulate peoples’s lives particularly those who are vulnerable ie those on Benefits who are subject to much intrusive and open  micro-Regulation.

Frances Fox Piven in her book on Welfare posits that the Function of Welfare Benefits is to regulate the lives of the poor who are set upon by Government with numerous  Regulations under Conditionality Regimes.
I am not making myself very clear but I consider this to be a key analysis from a Class Act of a Commentator. EDIT FURTHER AS LOTS OF POTENTIAL MATERIAL TO BE ADDED TO SUPPORT MY ARGUMENTS.


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