Dear Public,
This is one of the Key Speeches from the Legal Aid Demos of which there are 3-4. Westminster, MOJ Petty France, and The Old Bailey with Manchester 2x courtesy of the #LegalAidWarrior Mark George QC.
Here Jerry sets the tone for the whole Campaign, which is essentially the collective force of Solicitors and Barristers THROW BACK into the MOJ the ‘bone’ they have to fight over.
He is right. Why should WE#SaveUKJustice have to squabble over a ‘deal’ which typically fails to display even the slightest understanding of the Legal System, which conspicuously ignores the fact that .’money is leaking is leaking from [the MOJ],’like a sieve’ (Michael Turner QC ‘Monday Message Criminal Bar Association ) where #FlailingGrayling is wreaking untold damage onto the System.(John Cooper QC Summer Holiday Warning).???!!!!
As LC with unfortunate Obligatory Bench Membership, #FlailingGrayling is demonstrating not even the slightest bit of cheeky interest or curiosity of a Sodding #NonLawyer to enchant The [Legal] Profession with. it is utterly disgraceful and an insult of the gravest sort that he hasn’t attempted to humble himself as a would be Good Non Lawyer and learn some bloody facts to at least prevent him from genociding the System.
This Speech was penned at the time of the PCT TLS Consultation a sham Exercise if any revealing the total lack of engagement of The government with it’s Profession.
16k were submitted including 2 from Non Lawyers!!!! Shall I go on?! Need I say more?

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