The Best thing I can aim for is to be a very well informed #SaveUKJustice Non Lawyer Supporter

The best thing I can aim for is to be a very well informed #SaveUKJustice Supporter, I know it doesn’t feel like it?!!

In fact JUST the ability to write Posts, have Tweets based on Posts, having a Tweeting Presence based on  BIG LOUD POSTS would be so good as to be amazing. This is a New Subject, with a New Range of books, (more on the Wish List which I rarely expose to  public view) and a whole set of Challenges therein.

Not least because one is amongst Practicing Lawyers with deadlines to meet, Projects to fulfill, Books to write, Police Stations and Courts to  attend, so learning is very much rightly ‘on the fly’. Must needs to be the best quality possible!

Twenty years ago or more I was at Essex University where I had to pen Undergraduate Essays, read Books, I guess on the Fly, but the pressures? were less because I was at Uni, in the olden days of Grants. I had pressures but had a legitimate identity as a Mature Student at a fine Research Led Institution.

My Career was not what I would wish.*** But my Academics supported me, they stood behind me and they backed me up with all my weaknesses, giftedness and strengths.

I was the one who worked my arse off during the night on Essays, read the Books, attended the Lectures, etc no doubt not only because they were nice, but because I respected who they were, Who the Essex University Departments were as Institutions.

It is the philosophy of Political Science and Sociology that has coloured my whole life and determined how I look on life, and add books and Lectures and Podcasts as I make my way through the Interwebs and seek to carve my own path in terms of Academia.


I would have never have made it without them. My Essex University Academics are the most precious people after my new Learned Friends The Lawyers.

My History***which I will expose to  very close friends is good bad and ugly. Says no more. I don’t self-Learn for nothing. Here I can set my own questions, google the life out of them and be led onto new Questions. My Dad is an Academic at a world renowned  London Institution who started his own Theories and Mademoiselle is no different. It is why a Professor friend calls me ‘anarchic’ a ‘vortex’. If the world don’t give it to me in right way then I will damm well carve my own Path!!! The Research Proposal Evaluation by an NHS   Research Proposal is all the evidence  I need of my being taken seriously despite an absolute legal terror of privileged parasites nicking my ideas; along with very genuine and serious Intellectual Conversations.

I guess that’s the type of person I really am and it’s good.  But If there is a box I will climb out of it! Life has so many Boxes, so many unjust constraints let me expound a few:

  •  Mainstream TV the whole of TV is geared up to insult my Class. I am supposed to be regulated by intrusive Media Parasites who make a professional practice of stigmatizing my unwanted Classes every move. Thus instead of being entertained or informed I am subject to an ever increasing stream of Propaganda, Media Bias, the Manufacturing of Consent. (Noam Chomsky The Manufacture of Consent).
  • The Box of Adult Education Low Grade Education with High Grade Exceptions, Adult Education is geared to the most thick adults possible.  There is nothing there to help you impress a University let alone Law School.  I would rather teach myself bar exceptions hence
  • Opencourseware and my own path on the web. MIT Opencourseware changed my life. You buy books, you have Syllabus etc you become yer own Professor, Lecturer etc.
  •  The Box of Church. I am NOT looking like a frumpy dump she says accessing her Inner Vampish Barista!!!!! The Church has boxed me in in other ways, The  Presumption is made that 1) i have a husband 2) that I work, 3) I have kids and 4) I have a boss. 5) my life is proceeding along a normal trajectory. Shamefully The Church of Jesus christ shames itself by forcing such norms on people when they don’t exist as well as fucking up your sex life.
  •  The Box of God TV  Dross Rythms Rick Joyner Morningstar. See The Governmental Goals of God TV for more. This is most important folks. God TV and it’s ilk are some of the most secretive Minstries in existence, but Clever Clogs found out their Modus Operandi, has had secrets leaked to the blog like a Christian wikileaks and has made a way for terrified Christians to blog their thoughts on their latest shenanigans . The chief of which is Extra Biblical doctrine (hold that Vamp thought!!) which should have NEVER legally and spiritually been forced on me and forced on us in the first place. My sex life, love life, social life, professional life, disabilities life have been hindered by them forcing problems on me that they had no right to do. If I was a Lawyer I would take them to court in more ways than one. Performs v amateur Cross Examination on them sees them cowering in the dock unable to escape the net I have wove around them.
  •  The Box of Culture Yes I am honest! the world would love me to get my books from Waterstones, the Literary  Booker Lists, the Literary pages but Madamoiselle, prefers her bookish pleasures to be of a more ahem interesting variety, ie Academic Books, own Syllabi etc. Law not excluded!! just handle like Academics!!!!

I can’t go on any more. If I expound another Box. Box, Box, Box.

I hope the above has enlightened rather than frightened? you all?

Love blessings healing good things to my beautiful Lawyer Soldiers xxx


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Capital Lesson: best way to grab Lawyers attention is get arse into Campaign and give it some Save UK Justice welly. Idolising is best when one can make punchy phrases that grab the public’s attention and shoves them metaphorically in the  Right Direction. #LawyersandNonLawyers2gether







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