Question and Answer: ‘Transforming Legal Aid’

As we are looking forward to New Consultation in Sept, a ”Question and Answer” on ‘Transforming Legal Aid’.
All parts of ‘The Law’ are under Threat: The Independent Judiciary Threat: PCT, Duty Soliticitors (can’t see govt wanting them in Police Stations please correct me if I am wrong), Specialist Niche Firms who help make cutting edge Law, Large Firms through cuts, Advocacy in the Courts through Graduated Fee Cuts, Judicial Review threat access to Courts, LEGAL AID what’s left of it Post LASPO. I have seen horrible variations on a Theme in Legal Interwebs. .. Multiiple Threats, Advocates under Fire. #LegalHell, Advocates who do great job at cost to themselves.

Thoughts on the Criminal Justice System

As Parliament is off on its summer holiday (lucky for some), I thought the time was appropriate to reflect on what some of you think about the Government’s proposed legal aid reform, ‘Transforming Legal Aid’. The purpose of this blog is to gain a perspective and clear vision of your views, and potential ideas for a stronger / better reform than the one currently proposed. I understand most views will be different, but as they say “it’s good to talk”.

Twitter has played a huge role in communicating and reporting during the Save UK Justice campaign, so I decided to send out a tweet asking if anyone would like to participate in a Q&A.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part. The contributors responded to that tweet and their answers are below. Responses are posted with permission. Please could you respect the contributors’ opinions and post constructive comments only.

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