My Letter to Sir Bob Russell MP requesting he attend the Backbench Debate on Legal Aid

Dear Bob Russell,

RE:Thursday 27 June in the Chamber
General debate on Legal Aid Reform (Members in charge: Sarah Teather,
David Lammy

  Thank you for your detailed and meticulous Reply you gave to my Last
Letter, the one regarding the proposed Legal Aid Cuts
Link below:
  Next Week there is a General Debate on Legal Aid Reform in the
Chamber (A Backbenchers Debate) and considering your great concerns and
knowledge around the issue, I wonder if I could humbly ask you to
 I think you have an important part to play in debating the Issue esp
as you drafted EDM 36 with it’s Amendment
 Which I hope is getting wide support meaning you will be able to take
further action.

 Transforming Legal Aid Consultation Post LASPO

      You know what terrible costs there are for the taxpayer if these
proposed Legal Aid Reforms are forced through.
 With the Post LASPO rise in LIPS (unrepresented Litigants in Person)
already clogging the Courts. The Interpreters fiasco (Capita), the poor
performance of G4S in getting Defendants to court holding up Court
Lists,the Judiciary having to take on more Judge Time to manage LIPS.
The Public Interest is at stake,the real Legal needs of the Public are
not being taken into account in Government Actions.

 The threats to the integrity of the Legal Profession deprive a
economically pressurised Public to have just law.

   There are threats to the integrity of the Legal Profession if Eddie
Stobart, Co-op, Tesco!!!!!!!et al. are allowed to enter the Market. For
a start they don’t have the years of practical  experience and Research
base to do Cases as they are meant to be done.
 Using  Paralegals and newly qualified to take on Cases for which they
are not prepared which will result in costly miscarriages of Justice,
the decimation of legal professions reputation,and eventually make
recruitment to the Profession very difficult!!!!! (yes I know this
sounds impossible, but reputational damage and all that).

 Unjust Unlawful?  Threats to Advocacy Trial Process  Advocates
Wellbeing ultimately the Public Interest in having proper

 The worst threat IMHO IS the death of a thousand cuts that is
decimating Advocacy*** the right and need to have a Trial of whatever
length with appropriate  Staffing whatever that means for the Case.
Advocacy needs the right amount of time to argue to the appropriate
verdict.  What the Lord Chancellor is doing to this Mission Critical
element in the Trial process is destroying Legal Careers where proper
Trialing/ proper Pay could help up being part of the basis of
discovering the Next QC’s. Is it cost effective to do that??? What a
waste of Taxpayers money!!!!! Will the public be helped by this!!!

 Anyway I have talked myself out.

  Thank you once again for your continued and persistent attention to
my concerns over the years. Thank you for taking me seriously. Thank
you Sir Bob Russell MP that you continue to be thoroughly electable in
a   Government that is ripe for the sack.

Yours sincerely,
 Miss Kate Hillier
Non Lawyer #SaveUKJustice Supporter

(Signed with an electronic signature in accordance with subsection 7(3)
of the Electronic Communications Act 2000.)

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