Michael Mansfield QC A Closing Speech

Michael Mansfield QC does this thing they call in their  Trade ‘ The Closing Speech’ and a fine thing it is of course.
I always knew Barristers made Speeches, performed Cross Examinations and so forth in a very generalized way but never have I named a ‘Closing Speech’ a ‘Closing Speech’
Which reminds me: THIS IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR because Advocacy taken to its full extent is what makes for properly executed Trials which get properly considered Verdicts. And it makes Lawyers happy fulfilling their Potential another good thing. Expect more ‘deviance’ from Yours very truly on this front.

SIGN +RT http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/48628 Save UK Justice

Make sure this is properly debated in the House of Commons so the Government can’t force this through and deprive people of Justice.

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