Grayling thinks you are too thick to pick? Here is the one and only Paul Prior Barrister at 36 Bedford Row to feast your eyes on


Paul Prior

Call: 2003


Paul’s practice is predominantly in Crime. He is regularly instructed to appear for the Defence. He specialises in cases with complex legal issues. He is regularly instructed in firearms matters, including cases where firearms are used to commit serious crime.

He regularly defends in cases of large–scale supply of drugs, serious assault, fraud, dishonesty, and sexual offences.  He has a particular interest in Health and Safety and associated regulatory offences. Paul is also consulted by Local Authorities in cases involving unusual or complicated Anti–Social Behaviour Orders.

Paul has dealt with cases in the Court of Appeal as well as Administrative Court matters.

Paul is often instructed in cases which require a robust challenge to Police evidence and / or legal challenges to admissibility of Police evidence. Paul takes a thorough approach to preparation, offers written advice on each set of instructions and is briefed in cases that require careful consideration of significant tracts of documentary and telephone evidence.

In cases involving novel points of law, Paul will undertake the necessary research and draft the appropriate skeleton argument.

Paul has experience in a wide variety of County Court matters and is a qualified mediator.


Crime – Serious and Complex
Direct Access

 What the #failinggrayling wants to do is deny you your choice of choosing a Lawyer of your Choice that fits your Case.  Paul Prior is an example of a Lawyer who has complex Legal Knowledge which means he and others like him are able to judge the merits of Cases properly so taxpayers money is saved.

  Grayling a Non Lawyer. (not all Non Lawyers are bad Non Lawyers with eyes open and ears to hear can be very good under the right circumstances)  wishes potential Clients to be deprived of a Lawyer who would know their History and start over with a fresh one at every Offence.    The result of this is loss of trust an essential ingredient in making a  good case. Without trust the Lawyer cannot advise the Client correctly ie plead Guilty/Non  Guilty .  Depriving  vulnerable clientele of their right to choose is in breach of their human rights.( Somewhere on the #saveukjustice interwebs there’s a Reference.) The more complex your Case the more trust you need with you and your Brief.  

 Complex Mental Illnesses and chaotic lives create complications which require trust. For instance I live in Supported Housing and we have fabulous Support Workers.  These Support Workers know me inside out ( as a good Lawyer would) making it easier to interact with the complexities of the  Benefits System.  The more complex and more difficult life is the more Trust is an issue.

 Lives can go from ‘striving’ to allegations of ‘skiving’ in a moment.  Life is complex and the gems are to be found in the frontlines where new knowledge is discovered both practical and theoretical.

 The Government wishes to reduce the radical complexity of the Legal System to 400 Firm meaning the loss of Specialisms that have taken years to build. Specialized Firms with  Specialist Barristers like Paul with Specialist Solicitors all work together to drive a Case forward in the most efficient cost worthy manner. It’s like the Government saying we don’t need Universities to practice     Blue sky Research, or finance experimental  exercises because you might just discover a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for all these years. Not only is this intellectually naive, it is   profoundly intellectually bankrupt and speaks of unbelievable arrogance as  Failing Grayling sets himself above good legitimate trained qualified and valid Legal Authority. Who would have thought it!!!!!????!!!!

 So dear Public you clearly need   our Law Firms, along with University Departments etc to pioneer   New  ways of being and doing Law? you want the tiny niche Firms to the mega Corps.

   Have I persuaded you to SIGN +RT and join the fight to #saveukjustice because your lives and my life depend on it too?

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