What is at stake why you need to support the Campaign #saveukjustice

As a Society we are in great danger of losing a Legal System that is falsely caricatured as being inhabited by Fat Cat Lawyers.

This blog exists to provide an alternative voice,a Layman’s Voice, being as it does amongst the myriad of blogs out there to persuade you that that isn’t the case.

The Legal System, and it’s Movers and Shakers; the Legal Profession are in the Dock and facing the biggest shit storm of a ‘Trial’ for their lives.  The very survival of the Legal Profession and the Legal System is at stake.

Trouble is Jo Public doesn’t realise it. He thinks of Lawyers and then thinks of Fat Cats. He is fed ‘informed’ by the Lavatorial   Right Wing Media  out to demonize different Groups labelled as being harmful to the Public Good. For example: Benefit Claimants, Asylum Seekers, Single Mothers, the Disabled, Blacks etc. Thus these lies are  spread abroad and they must be challenged.

It is therefore  my solemn duty and  delight to try to do something about this  state of affairs and speak out and as a result I have to train myself to ‘speak’.


I hear somewhere that in Court  that a Judge has to hear the Evidence, and that Evidence is called forth for both the Defence and the Prosecution.  Currently all we have is  vicious ‘Prosecution’with I sense? a growing voice for the Defence? I have been part of the #saveukjustice Campaign for a while, and have gradually seen parts of the Media come out as for or against.


I believe there is a growing mountain of Evidence,( ‘don’s wig and gown’ kindly donated by a Lawyer)that the Prosecution Evidence don’t  stack up. It does not resonate, it does not fit, it is NOT in accordance with the FACTS.

It all began with a couple of Youtube Videos of Michael Mansfield QC and Shami Chakrabati speaking out about envisioned Legal Aid cuts, already cut under the LASPO Act which removed  Welfare Law amongst other things from Legal Aid Provisions. In these Videos I saw what looked like very eminent Judges  and Lawyers,making very convincing cases as to why it shouldn’t be cut. #SaveUKJustice, which I happened upon,proved the coalescing of it all and my eyes were opened to WHAT REALLY IS GOING ON WITH BOTH THE LEGAL SYSTEM AND THE PROFESSION.

OK , you know I will make a hash up of this Wig and Gown Business. Just ‘borrow’ it for the sake of making my Layman’s argument. Just ‘pretend’ to be in Court because in real life it  that what to my mind it really IS.  Here is hoping I might you to


SIGN + RT  If you think I might be onto something. With gratitude

Blog Founder and Editor


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